Emily Marquis

Health & Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness For Employers

Health & Wellness For Employers

Employee Wellness & Education Opportunities

Employee Wellness

With a background in Human Resources in the corporate world, I have a passion for creating positive cultures. I am certified in writing and implementing employee wellness plans and policies that support employees’ overall well-being while in return improving morale, productivity and decreasing health insurance costs and absenteeism; to name a few. Depending on location, I have the ability to work with your team in person or virtually.

Health & Wellness Coaching

As a part of the employee wellness plan I may help you create or to partner with your current initiative; I offer direct services to your employees as a health and wellness coach. This may be fully supported or subsidized by the employer. Depending on location, I can meet with employees in person or virtually.

Education & Training

Knowledge is empowering and integral to making change. With a background in training, speaking and working with groups; I love providing education. Invite me to speak to your staff or leadership team. I offer evidence-based, yet logical information and resources to educate on a variety of topics to help make change, reduce stress, mindfulness, employee wellness, and tips towards optimal well-being. My workshops are uplifting, humorous, interactive and generous with tips and resources. Please contact me and I can create a custom workshop or use one of my current presentations.

Yoga & Mindfulness

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I offer teaching yoga movement classes and/or breathing classes as a part of your employee wellness program on-site. I have my own equipment that I have the ability to bring to your location as needed. I also have the ability to teach classes individually or to a group virtually. I can also offer private yoga instruction to your employees as desired.

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Additional Services & Programs

Personalized Yoga

Personalized yoga practices unique to your goals, ability, and level of health right now


Online courses covering several topics that help build healthy habits.


Knowledge is power. Group trainings, workshops and speaking events.


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