The profession of Clinical Health Coaching is emerging. Science proves that it is needed and helps people feel better, reduce or prevent chronic illness, and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Our culture and healthcare system is slowly on its way to understanding how it fits in. This means that while its an emerging and need support in our health, it is not currently covered by most insurances. It is an added expense that many cannot pay, yet desperately need to climb out of their situation. So, I started the Healthy  Habits Foundation in partnership with my local Chaffee County Community Foundation who acts as the fiscal sponsor so that I don’t have to manage the accounting while I focus on serving others and donors can trust where their money goes.

My goal is to serve the underserved based on income, need and many other factors. Health Coaching should be in reach for those at an affordable rate. Please contact me as many are eligible for free or subsidized rates.

Healthy Habits Foundation serves locally and nationally. We value our donors!! Services available of individual health coaching, group services, education/training, etc.

Why may one need health coaching?

  • Support in reducing or living with chronic illness
  • Stress Reduction & Resilience
  • Partner with mental health
  • Improved sleep
  • Support in creating healthy habits and choices towards feeling well
  • Creating Mindfulness practices
  • Support during various life changes and transitions
  • Clarity, Goal Setting and Moving Forward
  • Reduction in alcohol use
  • Weight loss
  • Addiction recovery/sustainability
  • And more!

COVID-19 has many of breaking up our routines that provided us with connection, healthy choices, work and more. Making healthy choices while managing all this stress is super hard to do alone. Those with chronic illnesses are being cautioned to stay at home for their health safety, yet are surrounded by vices and isolation. Teachers and health care workers are facing extreme burnout and stress. Parents are juggling working (if lucky) and homeschooling which is are seemingly unrealistic expectations. Please help me help others during this intense time!


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