Yoga & Health Hacks for Anxiety & Stress


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Join NBC-HWC Clinical Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Emily Marquis in this workshop to learn yoga practices and lifestyle behaviors to support your mental and emotional well-being through resilience in anxiety and stress. We’ll practice yoga poses in groups during the workshop to support anxiety and stress relief. You’ll also learn evidence-based strategies to use in the moment or in preventing anxiety and stress. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to implement what strategies and yoga practices that resonate with you the most in your daily life; your way. Build your toolbox with these beautiful tools, connect with a supportive group led by an expert group health facilitator, and walk away with tangible information on paper, in your body, and mind.

Things to expect during the class:

  • Group yoga class designed to support anxiety and stress (movement and breathwork)
  • Group coaching, exercises, and discussion around anxiety and stress in our daily lives
  • Health tips, strategies, and practices offered for knowledge around taking empowered action to have resilience and prevention of anxiety and stress
  • Group coaching, exercise, discussion, and goal setting around how to personally implement strategies into daily life
  • Respect, privacy, connection, learning, and fun

Walk away with:

  • Handouts with exercises and strategies
  • Yoga practices to support anxiety and stress
  • A plan & tools
  • Empowerment
  • Connection

Two attendance options:

-Attend in-person at the Mandala Collective, 211 F St, Salida, CO 81201 (space limited to 20 participants)

-Attend virtually via Zoom (unlimited participants)


Please note that Emily Marquis is not a doctor or therapist. Seeking health care and mental health support is a strategy to support anxiety and stress- this workshop is not a replacement for that. Always check with your doctor before implementing new tools to ensure it’s proper and safe for you. No yoga experience is necessary.

All handouts will be provided to virtual participants via email before the start of the workshop. If attending virtually, please be sure you can participate in a quiet place for the workshop and have a device that allows you to hear and see clearly. For group discussion, it is ideal that other participants can see you on video for connection; however, it is not required. Minimally you’ll need a yoga mat and place to do yoga in your space while looking and listening to the workshop.

For in-person participants, all supplies will be provided- however, it is recommended you bring your yoga mat for sanitary reasons (though I have extra!). Feel free to bring an extra blanket, plenty of water, and a snack.


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In-Person, Virtually/Zoom

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