Emily Marquis

Health & Wellness Coach

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Stay tuned for more details on the new Affiliate Program!

Noteworthy Contracts  & Achievements

  • Contract clinical research partner as Health Coach with the University of Louisville
  • Contract clinical research partner as Health Coach with Dartmouth College
  • Contract Instructor, NBC-HWC program Emory University
  • Contract Faculty, NBC-HWC program mindbodygreen
  • Adjunct Professor, Colorado Mountain College
  • Instructor of Aging Mastery Program through National Coalition on Aging
  • Guest writer for various publications including Healthline, Bustle, ThriveGlobal, Professor’s House, and more
  • Guest on various health and corporate podcasts

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Additional Services & Programs

Personalized Yoga

Personalized yoga practices unique to your goals, ability, and level of health right now


Online courses covering several topics that help you build healthy habits.


Knowledge is power. Group trainings, workshops and speaking events.


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