Emily Marquis 
Health & Wellness Coach


Connect Back to You

Blue Coyote Ranch, Salida, CO

September 28th -
October 1st

Join Emily Marquis, NBC-HWC clinical health coach, in collaboration with Renee Duricy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker of Valtina Health & Wellness, in a weekend retreat to support your whole mind, body, and spirit. During your time, you’ll have an opportunity to build a deeper connection with yourself through various modalities of mental health workshops, yoga, nature, connection, down time, nourishing food, reflection, health coaching workshops, laughter, and other mindful practices. Not only will you be able to fully engross yourself in all forms of self-care during the retreat, the goal is to walk away feeling empowered in how to take back healthy wellness practices and integrate them into your daily life by laying this foundation. 

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Blue Coyote Ranch in sacred Salida, Colorado. At this location, you’ll experience comfort in intentional accommodations, property to roam and be in nature, soaking in a hot tub, and easy access to town if you need a quick change of scenery or exploration. All food will be catered by the amazing Michelle Gapp with Kalamata Pit Catering. 

What To Expect

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - deer in front of the sunrise

$650 Cost Includes:

  • 3 night stay
  • 2 Daily yoga & meditation classes
  • 2 Mental health workshops
  • 2 Healthy living workshops
  • 3 healthy nourishing meals a day
  • Daily time for being in nature
  • Daily downtime
  • Opportunities to soak in hot tub
  • Quiet hours for restful sleep
  • Connection with yourself and others
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - deer in front of the sunrise
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of The Rancher room showing the bed and the hot tub
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of The Rancher room showing the bed and the hot tub

Blue Coyote Ranch Accommodations

Blue Coyote Ranch is location in the town of Salida, CO. The property itself is close to town, yet offers acres of serenity for a true private nature escape. The rooms and cabins are beautiful and comfortable with intentional detail. The property offers many indoor and outdoor sitting areas, a hot tub, walking trails, fire pit, and amazing views of the area's colorful foliage and breathtaking mountains and rivers. More property details >

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of the firepit

Mental Health Workshops

In these therapeutic workshops led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, you’ll create a deeper connection to yourself by becoming aware of and open to your emotional experience, noticing thoughts and physical sensations, changing your relationship with your internal parts, and beginning to find balance and harmony within. We’ll do this through a series of experiential exercises, self-reflection, and group discussion. The workshops will be based on the foundations of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of the firepit
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of the den
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - view of the den

Health & Wellness Coaching

Energy Management

Instead of time management, you’ll learn the concept of energy management. Learn strategies to tune into yourself to determine your energy level, ask what you need, and offer yourself what you need at that time. With a balance of grace and motivation, you’ll increase productivity and reduce stress. You’ll also learn ways from many lifestyle approaches how to fuel and nurture your energy throughout the day and night. The result is being truly in tune with your body and mind, strengths and opportunities, and support and nourishing yourself with ease. Enjoy connection and discussion as we connect the dots. 

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - women outside meditating

Yoga & Meditation

Each yoga and meditation practice will have the foundation to support mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through intentional sequencing and practicing based on a theme, connection to self, and time of day. Some will be more movement based, and others will be more stillness based. Meditations and breathwork will be guided. Each practice will leave you with a few questions and thoughts to carry into reflection. 

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - women outside meditating
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - woman with hands together
WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - woman with hands together

Mindfulness & Creative Movement

We’ll be performing intentional exercises to deepen your connection with yourself and others. They may look like a hike in the woods, releasing fire ceremony, dancing, or drawing.

Meet Your Expert Guides

Emily Marquis certified wellness coach standing outdoors


Professionally, I wear many hats centered around serving people. I am a board-certified health and wellness coach working in private practice, in partnership with healthcare practitioners, professor/instructor, research partner, speaker/writer, yoga/meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds from teens to older adults. I partner with practitioners, schools, and organizations. I have worked as a health coach, yoga instructor, and professor with University of Louisville, Dartmouth College, Emory University, mindbodygreen, Index Health, Public Health organizations, and many more. Some of my credentials include master’s in health and wellness coaching and registered 200 hour yoga teaching current in training for 500 hour. I aim to help people feel well through evidence-based practices and personal understanding. I have overcome many health and mental health challenges and want to support others. 

I am a woman, mother, wife, and lover of life. I am originally from Massachusetts and grew up loving the access both to the mountains and the beach. Many states and countries in between I am now settled in the beloved Salida, Colorado with my family- husband, kids, and extremely loved dog. I love being outside in nature as much as possible. You’ll find me on the trail in all seasons, skiing, rafting, hiking, writing, and reading. I enjoy a good binge watch, podcast, or board game.

WhaleBeing Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Retreat - Renee from Valtina Health & Wellness


I believe in the power of connection in the healing process – connection with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. I create a safe space in which to explore those connections and what is getting in the way of healthy and meaningful relationships with yourself and others. My primary specialty is working with trauma and I have also worked with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, maternal mental health, life transitions, and relationship issues. I believe that the answers are within each person and my role is to help you hear your inner voice, trust it, and have the courage to follow it. I primarily use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) along with skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been practicing in a variety of settings from the Veterans Administration to community based clinics since 2000. I currently have a private practice in Salida, CO where I primarily work with adults and late adolescents. I also love teaching and I supervise social workers and other mental health practitioners who are working toward their licensure.

Like Emily, I too am a woman, mother, wife and lover of life! I was born in Connecticut and my family moved to Colorado when I was 5 so I consider myself a semi-native. I grew up in the Denver area and then spent much of my adult life as a nomad - cross-crossing the country living in big cities, doing a stint in an off-grid cabin on the side of Pikes Peak and even living in my camper before settling in Salida, CO in 2020. Much of my time these days is spent momming - I have a 6-year old and 18-month old. Otherwise you’ll find me hiking or running on the trails, skiing or snowboarding. I’m a huge believer in community and serve on a few local coalitions and boards. I also love cooking, crossword puzzles and board games.

More About Blue Coyote Ranch

Blue Coyote Ranch sits on 33 acres of pristine piñon pine forest and pasturelands, and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. They offer hotel-style rooms in the inn as well as cabin rentals - all units are within walking distance and perfect for group getaways! Located 5 minutes from downtown Salida, CO yet it offers acres of serenity for a true private nature escape. Many indoor and outdoor sitting areas, a hot tub, walking trails, fire pit, and amazing views of the area's colorful foliage and breathtaking mountains and rivers. 

More Retreat Details

Room Accommodation Details

Blue Coyote Ranch offers beautiful accommodations. There will be a combination of private rooms and some shared with one other person; each with own bed. Each room has its own private bathroom. There are various common spaces as well as many places on the property to find solitude indoors or out. There is a hot tub for soaking. There will be one optional cleaning service during the retreat.

Check-In Time

Check in on Thursday September 28th is at 4pm and check out on October 1st at 11am. The retreat will begin at evening of the 28th at 5:30pm and end after breakfast on the 1st.


All meals will be provided during the retreat with healthy nourishing meals. Please let us know of any dietary needs and we’ll match them as best we can. Generally we’ll be eating gluten free and with local foods available in the season. Dinner will be provided the first evening and breakfast will be provided the morning of the last day. Coffee/tea service will be provided throughout each day. We are very excited to collaborate with Michelle Gapp with Kalamata Pit Catering.

Getting Here

Salida, CO is considered the ‘heart of the rockies.’ It is about a three-hour drive from Denver International Airport, two hours from Colorado Springs Airport and about one hour and twenty minutes from the Gunnison-Crested Butte regional airport. We are easily accessible by driving from anywhere in Colorado and the surrounding states. As always, please check weather and traffic conditions when planning your route and drive time. 

About Salida

This hamlet of a town of Salida is nestled in Chaffee County surrounded by the Sawatch Range, the Arkansas River and Monarch Mountain. Although it is known for year-round outdoor recreation, Salida offers much more than chills and thrills: Dining, libations, shopping and countless events. One of the biggest draws to Salida for more than 30 years has been the many art galleries for collectors and art addicts.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is looking for an intentional whole health retreat with a focus on supporting mental and emotional well-being. We welcome all people aged 18 and over. It is recommended that you have some experience working in a therapeutic environment as a client either individually or in a group setting. No experience is necessary for yoga or meditation, however it is wise that everyone consults with their doctor and therapist that this experience is right and safe for them.

Who is this NOT for?

Someone in crisis mode or who does not have any experience with therapy. Please note that all aspects of the retreat require use of stairs and we apologize we cannot make changes to the venue.

Will insurance pay for this?

We are willing to offer you a ‘superbill’ for portions of the retreat that you are responsible for submitting to your insurance or HSA/FSA provider and you may be reimbursed based on your policy. We are not privately taking insurance for the retreat.

Culture & Expectations

This is a safe space. Respect, authentic self exploration, and connection is built off of non-judgement, acceptance, allowing, and being open. Please check opinions about others, yourself, biases, politics, religions, etc. at the door.

Do I have to participate in everything?

Autonomy and choice are an important aspect of the retreat. However, in order to create connection, flow, a safe environment, and avoid disruption we hope at minimum all group sessions are attended. There is plenty of scheduled time for downtime as needed and if you want to eat privately for more space, that’s fine too! If you live locally, we respectfully ask you to not come and go or go back to your home during the retreat for the best experience for you and the group. 

Payment & registration policy

You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% at time of registration or choose to pay in full. If paying a deposit, the final payment is due 45 days prior to the retreat start date. If paying and registering 44 or less days prior to the retreat, full payment is required. 

Refund policy

More than 45 days prior to retreat: Full refund minus 20% of total cost if paid in full. If only paid deposit, there is no refund on the deposit and there will be no requirement to pay the remaining balance. 

Please note that each registration will require a connection call with the guides within 7 days of registration. If for whatever reason, the guides deem that the retreat is not a safe fit for the registrant, they will be notified immediatelyly and will be granted a full refund. If the registrant deems it's not a fit after the connection call, the refund policy above applies.

What to bring for weather?

The weather in Colorado varies. It could feel like Summer or Winter. We’ll know closer to the date. In Colorado we dress in layers and for a variety of activities. Be prepared to be outside and inside both in the morning and evening.

Can I bring a friend or travel as couple?

If you feel comfortable sharing an experience with a friend like this, please come together! Couples are invited to come as long as they feel comfortable sharing as openly as possible during sessions. 

Start Your Journey

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