Emily Marquis

Health & Wellness Coach

Speaking & Live Events

Speaking Events

Whether it has been speaking in front of large groups, workshops or with individuals; I love the ability to share through speech.

Organizing my thoughts and uplifting others is an amazing opportunity that I am humbled by. I know the impact speakers have had on me at various points in my life. Sometimes hearing that message, celebration, reminder, idea or inspiration is just the ticket we need in our lives to wake up to the bigger picture, take action or relax.

I have enjoyed using speaking events as an opportunity to be vulnerable and real in my experiences that the audience can relate to and realize they are not alone. That we are all in life together and experiencing it at different times. I offer speeches that empower women, connect audiences, inspire change and to just be real in a time when being real feels lost. I draw from my personal experiences and customize to why the audience is there.


Additional Services

Personalized Yoga

Personalized yoga practices unique to your goals, ability, and level of health right now


Online courses covering several topics that help you build healthy habits.


Knowledge is power. Group trainings, workshops and speaking events.


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