Emily Marquis

Health & Wellness Coach

Yoga & Meditation Services

Yoga has many benefits for our health and wellness. I am a certified RYT200 Yoga & Meditation Instructor offering services in various ways. I will spend time getting to know you, your needs, the type of Yoga practice that will suit you or your group, and occasion and customize a practice that best reflects that. I provide all props for up to 20 people.

Services Available

  • Private individual yoga and/meditation (in Salida, CO private office or virtually)
  • Private small group yoga and meditation instruction- parties, vacation, small event, small topic-specific need, etc. (location of choice)
  • Private large group events- festivals, conferences, weddings, events, workshops, schools, etc
  • Private employer/corporate classes (location of choice)

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Additional Services & Programs

Individual Coaching

Bridge your health vision or doctor’s recommendations with sustainable results.


Online courses covering several topics that help you build healthy habits.


Knowledge is power. Group trainings, workshops and speaking events.


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