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About Emily

About Emily

I am a woman, mother, wife, and lover of life. I am originally from Massachusetts and grew up loving the access both to the mountains and the beach. Many states and countries in between I am now settled in the beloved Salida, Colorado with my family-husband, kids, and extremely loved dog. I love being outside in nature as much as possible. You’ll find me on the trail in all seasons, skiing, rafting, hiking, writing, and reading. When you can’t I enjoy a good binge watch, podcast, or board game.

Professionally, I wear many hats centered around serving people. I am a board-certified health and wellness coach working in private practice, in partnership with health care practitioners, professor/instructor, research partner, speaker/writer, yoga/meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds from teens to older adults. I partner with practitioners, schools, and organizations.  

Career Background

I have an undergraduate degree in Business and studied graduate work in Organizational Leadership and Development. I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years where I progressively climbed the ladder in various industries in Human Resources. I have always known that I loved working with people and in my corporate career, I had the opportunity to shape culture in organizations, coach employees to grow, support their wellness, and train new ideas. In 2011, I receive my Life Coaching Certification and holistically coached clients part-time outside of my “day job”. After having a family, I decided that corporate life wasn’t for me and I “retired”. I started my own recruitment and coaching practice in 2013. 

I have further connected to my draw towards mindfulness.  After 14 years of personal practice, I received my RYT200 and Anusara Elements Yoga Instructor certifications. I am so excited to continuously explore the practice of Yoga in my daily life and serve others in various ways of instruction.

Further stepping away from the corporate life and embracing my joy of celebrating others, I became an ordained minister and am able to Officiate weddings. I also tapped into my long-lost creative side and began writing and speaking.

As you can see, I believe in always being a student and embracing what you enjoy best, even if it’s out of the social norm. I have been through many life transitions and can relate to all who I serve with personal experiences and listening. I am now living my passions, but even that can seem like a struggle sometimes. I feel like my life has been a rollercoaster of adventure, excitement, fear, and challenge. But the big picture is still really bright and I’m trying to gracefully enjoy the ride.

Noteworthy Contracts  & Achievements

  • Contract clinical research partner as Health Coach with the University of Louisville
  • Contract clinical research partner as Health Coach with Dartmouth College
  • Contract Instructor, NBC-HWC program Emory University
  • Contract Faculty, NBC-HWC program mindbodygreen
  • Adjunct Professor, Colorado Mountain College
  • Instructor of Aging Mastery Program through National Coalition on Aging
  • Guest writer for various publications including Healthline, Bustle, ThriveGlobal, Professor’s House, and more
  • Guest on various health and corporate podcasts

What am I really about?

I believe in the power of connection, nature, and life itself. It seems as though we are surrounded by distractions, to-do lists, social expectations and negativity that steer us away from who we really are. I believe life and the people and experiences in it are our teachers and guide back to our Self. In this, I am a life long student of life and am fascinated by learning from books, teachers, and experiences. Since life has so much to offer and we are often so busy and distracted, I really settling into the pause, celebration, connection and continuous new beginnings. I’m your everyday woman and Mom who doesn’t have it all figured out, but when I find some hacks that work I love being able to serve others in the same way.

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Additional Services & Programs

Personalized Yoga

Personalized yoga practices unique to your goals, ability, and level of health right now


Online courses covering several topics that help you build healthy habits.


Knowledge is power. Group trainings, workshops and speaking events.


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