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Creating Your Healthcare Plan
When we think of self-care, we often think of acts we can do to make us feel well: moving, resting,[...]
Handling Food and Beverage Restrictions When Socializing
  After a lifetime of being in and out of the hospital for unexplainable stomach pains, illnesses, and fun rectal[...]
Creating Your Personalized Wellness Plan: Where to Start
Prioritizing your health and well-being is an essential component of living a fulfilling life. Every aspect of who we are,[...]
Setting Boundaries for Better Mental Health and Work-Life Balance
As the warm summer days slowly begin to fade into the crisp autumn air, the realization that back to school[...]
The Art of Restful Sleep: Tips for Improving Your Sleep Quality
When it comes to our busy lives, sleep often takes the backseat when it comes to being a priority. We[...]
Time Management for Wellness: Finding Balance During Summer
The warm weather has arrived, and with it, a busy schedule! As the kids are out of school for summer[...]
Disconnect: How to Make the Most of “Me” Time.
In the world of constant communication and push on efficient time management, choosing to disconnect can pose a real challenge. [...]
Building a Positive Relationship with Yourself
A relationship with yourself is arguably the most important one you’ll have. How we think and treat ourselves will be[...]
Positive Self-Talk for Stress Relief
It can be challenging to maintain a positive perspective on life at a time when there are so many uncertainties[...]
The Importance of Self Care for Parents
Imagine having a full-time job that has no vacation and no days off, and requires you to be on-site daily[...]
The Importance of Staying Balanced During Major Life Changes
As much as many of us strive to handle change with a positive attitude and determined approach, often, change has[...]
Steps to Setting Clear and Meaningful Intentions
As we are officially in the last chapter of 2022, many are naturally gravitating toward making new intentions and resolutions[...]
5 Steps to Building Your Spiritual Practice
For centuries, the practice of spirituality has been the true foundation of many cultures and has guided various individuals to[...]
Battling The Stress of Living with a Chronic Illness
Living with a chronic illness leaves many feeling as though it is an impossible task to manage. It can be[...]
6 Ways to Ease Seasonal Depression
  Every time the weather shifts from the summer to cooler autumn, it is common for many of us to[...]
Spring Cleaning Relationships
Relationships and connection are necessary for our well-being. We thrive off social and community engagement. Our wellness depends on healthy[...]
Healthy Holidays: Turn Past Regrets & Guilt into Motivators
I love Fall. My two daughters and I each celebrate our birthdays, the scenery of nature is beautiful, and the air[...]
Empowerment: Knowing Your Health Numbers
Let's face it, my dog Brody is old.  At the age of 15, I still think he is living life[...]
Pause to Celebrate Accomplishments
The past several years, for me personally, have held immense change. Divorce, single-parenting, estrangement from my family, completing grad school,[...]
8 Tips for Healthy Habits on Vacation
As I set off for vacation this week with my family, I stop to reflect and plan. With COVID, travel didn't happen. I[...]
Getting Back into Routine
As things are currently in a slow re-open phase in our COVID life, lots of emotions come up. Excitement and[...]
When Fear is a Barrier to Our Own Health Care
Going to seek health care services during COVID-19 can be very scary right now. The threat is real. Somehow, we[...]
Awareness: A Superpower in Change
Have you ever been going through the motions and can’t even remember what you were doing? Have you ever felt[...]
Whoa Girl! Reining in My Ambition to Slow Down
Lately, I have been feeling a little anxious. Ok, let’s be honest, I’ve been a little anxious my whole life.[...]
Whispers and Yells
“When receiving intuitive information through your body, the more you listen, the more you hear.” - Karen Whitaker When I[...]
Finding My Way Back to My Path with Yoga
I can remember my first Yoga class. It was a memory and a light that was shone for me in[...]
Honoring Your New Role as Wife
A marriage is a beautiful thing and so beautiful to honor the love and commitment between two people. When I[...]
Finding Courage in My Earrings
Much of my life, now that I look back, I have operated out of a place of fear. Fears that[...]
Daily Accomplishments Celebration: Pausing to Review
Sometimes when I think about all that I have to accomplish I freak out- as I am stepping over my[...]