Time Management for Wellness: Finding Balance During Summer

The warm weather has arrived, and with it, a busy schedule! As the kids are out of school for summer vacation, life can certainly feel as though it is moving at a rapid speed through the summer break. 

Between camps, summer activities, holidays, and visiting family, it can be challenging to find a balance between taking care of their needs and prioritizing your own wellness goals. 

Trust me, I’ve been there! 

But fear not! By mastering the art of time management, we can reclaim control over the day that appears to speed by, and find space within our busy schedules for activities that nourish each aspect of our wellness. 

Unsure how to get started? Let’s dive in! 


1. Plan and Communicate

While it is often easier said than done, planning your kid’s summer break schedule with them can help to ensure they are making the most of their break, and that you are also able to schedule in some “me” time. 

By involving them in the decision-making process, you are able to ensure they make the most out of their summer and their needs are being heard. 

Once your plan is implemented, you are able to structure a routine around it. Plan your days with a planner that both you and your little ones can see (such as in the kitchen or main spaces in your home), providing particular time intervals for different tasks and upcoming events. 

Now that your plan and schedule are made, you are able to set aside time for you! Which days are you going to indulge in some self-care? Which days are you going to book your favorite yoga class? 

Treat yourself, you’ve earned it!


2. Practicing Mindful Time Management

With busy summer plans packed into your schedule, it can be hard to manage all of the responsibilities that come with each plan. That is why it is important to practice mindful time management, allowing yourself to lean on those around you, and giving yourself a break every now and then. 

As you look at your schedule, which events or plans do you see yourself needing the most help with? Which events or plans do you see as more of a priority than others?

By embracing the practice of single-tasking, you are able to give your full attention to one task or plan before moving on to the next. This tactic allows you to pencil in time for your own wellness, in between starting a new task or plan. 

Give it a try! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


3. Embrace Flexibility

If you find that after you set your plan and schedule with your little ones, things start to go off track, fear not! That is completely normal. As parents, we certainly cannot predict when our little ones will be invited to a birthday party or want to go see their friends. However, we can equip ourselves with the tools and resources to be prepared for it (without sacrificing our own well-being!). 

While routine is key, don’t forget to enjoy the pleasures of summer spontaneity. Allow for some wiggle room in your schedule to accommodate spontaneous activities, playdates, or downtime. 

That way when spontaneity comes your way, you are ready! And if it doesn’t come your way, you are able to enjoy your downtime by penciling in some much-needed self-care. 


4. Adjust as Needed

As you move through summer with your scheduled plan, it is important to remember that it doesn’t have to go exactly as planned. By evaluating your time management tactics on a regular basis, you are able to adjust as needed and prioritize some of the aspects within your plan that may have been overlooked. 

Time management is a continual activity that requires consistent reflection, and there is nothing wrong with experiencing a few days when you feel as though your time was not allocated how you planned it to be. 

Within this reflection period, remember to take a look at how you are prioritizing your own health and wellness. What is something you wished you did more of last week? Add it in! 


Jump into Summer with Emily!

Finding balance in a busy summer with little ones can be a challenge, but with effective time management and a specific priority on your own wellness, it can most certainly become attainable. 

If you feel like you could use an extra hand, get in touch with me today! Together we will work to find specific resources and tools that will help you prioritize your wellness as you navigate the sunny summer months packed with fun for you and your little ones. 

Disclaimer: Emily is a board-certified health coach with knowledge and training in these areas, however, it is important to always consult your doctor to make sure any of these ideas are safe and okay for you.

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