Steps to Setting Clear and Meaningful Intentions

As we are officially in the last chapter of 2022, many are naturally gravitating toward making new intentions and resolutions for the New Year. 

Often, these intentions come in the form of goals. While it is not to say that intentions are not goals, they are much more meaningful than that. 

An intention is a direct reflection of how you wish to be, live and present yourself in the world. They are linked to your purpose, and are an expression of your attitude toward life. Ultimately, they bring so much meaning to your life and can help you to embrace your true, authentic self. 

But how do you go about setting intentions? Great question!

Let’s explore a few steps to setting clear and meaningful intentions to have you prepared for the New Year. 


Reflect On Where You Are Now

Before you can begin to think about your intention for the future, it is important to reflect on where you are in this very present moment. 

Who are you? What challenges do you face currently? What is something positive in your life right now? What have you learned about yourself this year? What have been your tools for staying healthy and feeling well? Take some time to focus on your current stage of life, and then use that as a starting point to determine what you should focus your energy on with your intentions. 


Reflect On The Future

After you have reflected on your present moment and addressed what your life is like currently, it is time to reflect on the future. Although you can’t forecast the future, you probably have an idea of what’s in store for you. That’s important with intention setting!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you want your life to ideally look like then? What aspects of your future make you happy? What do you look forward to? What tool can you expand on or maintain this year? How will you use your strengths when challenges arise?

Focus on these questions to help you determine what a fulfilling, meaningful and authentic future looks like for you. 


Learn to Release and Recieve 

After determining where you are in this present moment, and where you ideally want your future to be, you can start to process of releasing and receiving. 

Perhaps one of the intentions you want to focus your attention on is embracing healthy eating. This can then translate to you reducing your sugar or fast food intake, and incorporating more nutritional meals into your diet. 

Release sugar, and receive nutritional choices. 

This can also be done in a physical or emotional sense as well. 

Determining the areas in your life that you can release and receive will help to change your values, goals, and beliefs into meaningful intentions that you can focus on moving forward. 


Commit to Putting it into Action 

Once you have your intention set in stone, you can begin to put it into action (where the real fun begins!). 

Putting your intention into action shifts the way our brains typically function, and encourages us to get into the habit of telling our minds what we want. This is where many turn to manifestation and visualization to help them achieve this. 

However, if you are more of a visual person, this is where journaling can come in handy. 

Writing out journal prompts and manifesting them is a great way to put your intention into action. You can also do this with manifestation boards, where you create a visual scrapbook or board that has many of your intentions on it. 

They can be things such as a promotion at work, a health goal, a new home and more. 

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to your mind! Follow your emotions, and trust me when I say they will not lead you in the wrong direction. 


Set Intentions with Emily

Your intentions are yours to manifest, practice and keep. There is no right or wrong way to set intentions, so do whatever works and feels best for you to make them as important as possible. 

If you are in need of additional support before the holidays, I would be more than happy to support you and work with you. Reach out today! 


Disclaimer: Emily is a board-certified health coach with knowledge and training in these areas, however, it is important to always consult your doctor to make sure any of these ideas are safe and okay for you.

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